Treasuries are places where a portion of your and my hard-earned money gets garnered, allocated and spent on things which are in our group interests, like new power stations, etc.

Can you imagine individual politicians trying to arrange the control of the SA National Treasury in such a way that it favours their families in state deals worth trillions of Rand?

Well, you better watch out because it happened in March 2016 and, by all appearances of how South Africa is now being run, it’s going to happen again, and probably someone is going to get it right.

When that happens South Africa is going to finally swill its way down into the sewerage system of all the destroyed economies of the Third World and we’re all going with it!

Treasury.org.za is a warning and reminder to all of us to be on the alert for the dishonest people in our midst who will cheat us and steal from us and leave us poor and hungry in the streets – some of these greedy leaders are what seem to be sewer rats digging in the trash-heaps of politics dirty.